Legion 5 Pro Speakers Sound Enhancements by Nahimic

TLDR:  enable windows sound enhancements then install nahimic app and set it, then sound is OK.

i purchased legion 5 pro (idk brand, driver: nahimic) over legion y530 (harman, driver: dolby audio)

legion 5 pro’s sound is very muffled. i installed nahimic companion now it’s better but still muffled. i’ll try Peace Equalizer (formerly peter’s eq)

really bad for a premium pricy laptop. nahimic is trash.

edit: I’m not sure if I did it properly, but when peter eq is on, the sound is very low, so I will continue to use the Nahimic application.

Here is my nahimic setting (before this, sound was garbage+low):


Nahimic Problems:

2000USD laptop audio quality is garbage! This application does not start automatically, although it has services that start automatically at startup. YOU HAVE TO manually open it on every time after the laptop restarts in order for sound to improve!

Alternative Solution by Peter’s Eq:

The Legion 5 Pro’s stock speaker setup is really bad – super muffled treble with no bass response at all. None of which was improved by any configuration using the Nahimic software.

I used the response curve measurements from as a reference and tried to flatten the curve using Equalizer APO and the PeaceGUI. Nothing too fancy, I used the graphic EQ mode to lower the mid-range and left bass and treble mostly intact while boosting the pre-amp to compensate, didn’t mess with parametric filters at all.

The results are better than I had expected. I can now watch youtube videos, play games and even listen to some music without getting annoyed. Hope this info is of use to others.

About Nahimic Driver:

Nahimic is an Audio Driver that your PC manufacturer selected to give you an optimized audio experience on laptops, motherboards, and more. It is a trusted driver designed to optimize and tune the audio performance on your computer.

Nahimic 3D sound technologies recreate all spatial dimensions of sound (7.1 channels) on a regular stereo listening system such as headphones or built-in speakers of your notebook.

As a part of the SteelSeries software library, Nahimic is designed to help gamers, creators, moviegoers, or music lovers have more control over their audio experience, have an immersive sound experience, and in high definition.

We work with top manufacturers like MSI, Lenovo Legion, Dell, Gigabyte, AsRock, Huawei, Honor, and many more to ensure you have a powerful audio experience.

Want to know if your hardware is compatible with Nahimic? Please refer to the links below:
Motherboards and Desktop PCs:

Highlight features of Nahimic:
– Incredibly immersive surround sound
– 10-band equalizer to customize your own audio settings
– Microphone, get crystal clear conversations
– Smart profile, adapts dynamically the audio profile to the software in use, simple and effortless. Always get the best audio settings without manual intervention.
– Sound Tracker, our in-game overlay that displays “live” the most important sounds of your games, the visual asset that will lead you to victory
– Expanded compatibility of your audio devices, including wireless speakers and headsets (Bluetooth, WiFi)

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