iOS Tactic to Save Money on App Store Subscriptions with Promotional Prices

If you have any active app subscriptions, you can go into the App Store and view/manage them from the Account page. One of your options is, if you click on a specific app, to select your subscription plan. For example, some apps let you pay weekly or monthly or yearly for different prices. You can select which one you want from these menus.

Here’s the “”hack””: you know how apps will sometimes offer their subscriptions for a discount? Special promos, holiday sales, etc etc? Well sometimes—not always!—but sometimes, the app developers neglect to “clean up” these special promo prices from their list of available subscriptions.

Here is a brief screen recording to show you what I’m talking about.

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As you can see, the app I selected has MANY subscription options! And many of them are for the same length of time, but the costs vary wildly. A yearly subscription to this app could either be $60, or just $10! If you went into the app and tried to purchase the subscription, it would push you towards that full priced $60….. however, it appears that at some point there was a promotion where you could get a years’ worth for a fraction of that cost, and because this option was never disabled by the developers, you can still manually go in and select that price.

Like I said, this doesn’t ALWAYS work. Plenty of developers DO clean up their promotional subscription prices, or some apps just plain don’t do sales or discounts. But I’ve found it’s always worth at least checking to see if I can’t get a better deal on my subscriptions.

That’s all I’ve got! Have a nice day, everyone.

LPT: Want to save money on Apple App Store subscriptions?

Have you ever noticed how apps will go on sale at seemingly random times and they push you to subscribe for a year for like 50% off? Well, in my experience, there is usually no real urgency in those offers. *MOST* times, it has worked 4/5 of the apps that I tried, you can take advantage of these offers and potentially even better ones, just by going through your subscriptions in your Apple ID settings!

Step 1. Install an app that offers a subscription service

Step 2. Start the free trial, if there is no free trial you will have to pay for the lowest subscription level to get it to show up.

Step 3. Go to settings, hit your Apple ID, then go to subscriptions.

Step 4. Click on that app, you will usually see multiple different subscription options (subscription levels and timeframes). If you don’t, that’s unlucky, find a similar app, they may have it. If they do, you can either pay for the upgrade immediately or you can hold off until your trial is about to expire and go do it.

Step 5. Subscribe to the app from your settings app by clicking on the option you chose, pay, and enjoy your service.

*If you don’t buy a subscription, remember to cancel your trial so you won’t get charged!*

This l trick brought one subscription I was interested in down from $120 to $29.99. I am getting all the same features at less that 25% of the market price. Check it out, let me know how it works for you.

If my instructions aren’t clear, let me know and I will do my best to get back to you!

iOS “hack” for saving money on app subscriptions from iphone

LPT: Want to save money on Apple App Store subscriptions? from LifeProTips

App Store screenshot showing subscription prices for Calm App

Calm App screenshot showing subscription prices

Calm App screenshot showing subscription prices

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