Instagram Live Producer: How do I go live on Instagram using OBS, Streamlabs?

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You can use streaming software (OBS, Streamlabs, etc.) and Instagram Live Producer to go live on the social media platform with stream key. Through this connectivity, extra cameras, external microphones, and graphics can be added to productions in addition to the standard phone camera. This function is exclusive to

Instagram has launched its new feature that allows users to broadcast live on the desktop version, just like on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. The feature called Instagram Live Producer will offer users a completely different experience.
The world’s most popular online photo and video sharing platform Instagram has launched a revolutionary new feature for users. This feature, called “Instagram Live Producer”, will now allow users to broadcast live on the desktop version. Thanks to this feature, Instagram rivaled platforms such as Twitch and YouTube where live broadcasts were made.

Instagram Live Producer is not just a feature that enables live broadcasting. With this feature, users will be able to use external cameras and microphones, and create start and end clips for their live broadcasts. Considering all this, we can say that Instagram Live Producer will serve as a comprehensive live broadcasting tool.

The blog post on Instagram’s official website also includes the technical specifications of Instagram Live Producer. In this context; We see that live broadcasts can be made in 720p @ 30fps, and the sound quality supports bitrates up to 256 Kbps. So how to use Instagram Live Producer?

Make sure your video complies with the following requirements before using streaming software to broadcast live. Find out more about how to configure streaming software.

Our suggested settings have been examined to enhance the viewing quality and experience across a wide range of platforms and networks:

How to use Instagram Live Producer?
Step #1: Download either Streamlabs, OBS or Streamyard.
Step #2: Run the live streaming app you downloaded.
Step #3: Log in to Instagram via the web version.
Step #4: Click “Create new post”.
Step #5: Select Live.
Step #6: Click “Next” after naming your publication.
Step #7: Copy the stream URL and stream key from the page you were directed to.
Step #8: Paste the copy you made into the relevant section in Streamlabs, OBS or Streamyard applications. (Instagram shows you instructions based on which app you’re using.)
Step #9: After completing the personal settings, go live.

It’s that easy to live stream using the desktop version of Instagram. However, this feature is currently in the distribution phase. So if you access Instagram from a desktop device, you may not be able to see this feature for now. However, this will change in a very short time and all users around the world will be able to broadcast live on Instagram via the desktop version.

Tech requirements

Video format

  • 9×16 aspect ratio (recommended but not required)
  • 720p @ 30 fps (note: 30 fps is recommended, but Live Producer can also support 60 fps if desired. When using 60 fps, the Live Producer preview screen will still display 30 fps. This is normal and we are currently investigating how to correct this.)
    • Resolution: 720×1280
    • Video bitrate range: 2,250–6,000 Kbps
    • Alternatives (supported but not recommended): 480p @ 30 fps, 360p

Audio format—the settings below are the default for most streaming platforms, including OBS:

  • Sample rate: 44.1 KHz
  • Channel layout: Stereo
  • Bit rate: up to 256 Kbps


    1. Select which streaming software you’ll be using for your event.
      • Examples include Streamlabs, OBS and Streamyard
    2. Open your streaming software interface and locate where to input your URL and stream key.
      • The URL and stream key (see below for more details) will allow you to broadcast your streaming software setup directly to Instagram Live.
    3. Open and click the “Add post” button (plus symbol inside a square) and select “Live” from the dropdown menu.

    1. Within the “Go live” screen, enter the title of your live video and select your audience: “Practice” will not broadcast to anyone and “Public” will broadcast to your followers as a normal live video would.

  1. Your special URL and stream key, together with usage instructions, will then appear on a screen.
      • You have the option to either copy the stream key or reset it in the event you need a new one. Note: The stream key is not static, and will refresh each time you use Live Producer.

Streaming to Instagram Live

  1. Within your streaming software, use your URL and stream key to add Instagram Live as your streaming endpoint.
      • Note: Instagram Live will need to be added as a “Custom RTMP”. Selecting Custom RTMP will allow you to add a URL and stream key. The location of where to input a custom RTMP differs between platforms, but most often can be found in stream settings.
    1. Start your stream on your streaming application once you’ve customized it to appear the way you want. You can see a preview of your stream on Instagram Live via the Live Producer viewer on What you’ve configured on the streaming software should be reflected in the Live Producer preview. The preview screen may take a few seconds to load the preview.
    2. Once you have seen and approved your preview, launch Live Producer and click “Go live” to begin the stream. Once the video has gone live, you can read and reply to viewer comments by clicking the “Comments” option.

    1. When you want to end the live video, click “End live video”.

NOTE: The live video will continue to play the last frame it received from the streaming program if you finish your stream in the streaming software before you end your Live Producer broadcast. End the broadcast on Live Producer first before closing the stream on the streaming software for a smooth end to your live video.

Saving your post live video VOD

You can view, share and download your completed broadcast within the Live Archive. To access the Live Archive:

  1. While on your profile tap the menu (3 horizontal lines) button in the top right corner.
  2. Within this menu, tap the Archive button.
  3. Tap the dropdown at the top of the screen and switch from “Stories Archive” to “Live Archive.”
  4. You will then see your past completed live videos and be able to share to Instagram or download to your device.

Will viewers still be able to use typical Live features like comments and likes?

Yes. The Live Producer interface will be the sole place where broadcasters can see and reply to comments. Live Producer does not currently support additional features like Live Rooms, Shopping, Fundraisers, comment pinning, and Q&A.

Will my post-Live video still be able to be saved?

Yes. Please be aware, though, that if you have Live Archive enabled, you can only share and download finished live videos from within it. On Instagram mobile, you may access the Live Archive from your profile.

How can I simultaneously stream to Facebook and Instagram?

Simulcasting is not currently natively supported. However, you are free to add Instagram Live as a custom RTMP endpoint and use streaming software that supports simulcasting.

Can I use Live Producer to stream a horizontal video?

Yes. But we advise configuring your streaming platform’s software to reflect a vertical (9:16) aspect ratio. The Live viewer will automatically trim the sides and zoom in to fit 9:16 if you do not take this action. Even if you intend to utilize a horizontal video feed in your stream, we still advise you to take this step because it will avoid cropping and enable you to use the screen real estate above and below your horizontal video feed for features like PiP, graphics, etc.

Are Live Moderator and Live Producer compatible?

Live Producer does not yet support moderation.

Can I use Live Producer to add a guest to my broadcast?

No, using Live Rooms to add guests or co-hosts is not currently supported.

In the future, will Instagram support a real API?

Currently, there are no plans to construct one.

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