How to Use Apple Maps Online in a Web Browser with DuckDuckGo

Apple Maps on Web:

Want to use Apple Maps on a desktop computer online? Here’s how to use any device’s web browser to view Apple Maps.

Since its release in 2012, Apple Maps has come a long way, but its main drawback is that it is still only compatible with Apple devices. What if you use an iPhone and Windows simultaneously? Is Apple Maps compatible with PCs? You can, in fact.

It turns out that Apple Maps is the default mapping program offered by the well-known search engine DuckDuckGo, which focuses on anonymity. And although it has certain drawbacks, it’s still pretty nice.

No matter what platform you use, keep reading to learn how to utilize Apple Maps online.

Use Apple Maps with DuckDuckGo online

You can use Apple Maps on Chrome, Edge, or any other browser of your choice if you use the DuckDuckGo search engine. It works on Windows and Chrome OS, and you can even access Apple Maps on Android via the DuckDuckGo app.

The functionality of Apple Maps in a browser is the same as that of Google Maps. Every time you perform a search, a Maps tab will appear above the results. That can be quickly clicked to display any relevant locations mapped on the map.

You can narrow your search to just see specific points of interest when looking for a specific location, such as a city or precise address. The typical options are as follows: Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Groceries, Banks, Parking, Coffee, Parks

Additionally, you may locate everything else you require, including train stations and ATMs. Add the word “near me” to your search to keep the results local. Therefore, “ATM near me” will limit the search to items in your nearby area.

The sidebar displays every outcome. View the location’s address, phone number, price range, and reviews by clicking through.

By zooming in and out or by clicking and dragging, you may navigate the map. Click the Search this region option to swiftly narrow your search after doing this.

More Apple Maps Tips

You may use a few additional tips to utilize Apple Maps online more effectively. To show your position on a map, type “my location.” To change the map view, click the Satellite button, and to rotate it, click the Compass icon.

Pressing the Back button will take you back to the main DuckDuckGo search page where you may utilize Apple Maps in dark mode. Next, select Dark Mode under Appearance in Settings. When you return to the Maps tab, the new theme will still be active.

DuckDuckGo provides more than just maps. Read our explanation of DuckDuckGo’s bangs function, which enables you to perform a single search over hundreds of websites.

Using Apple Maps on a PC Has Some Restrictions

Is Apple Maps on a PC the ideal Google Maps substitute? No. While it is excellent for basic mapping, there are several restrictions that you should be aware of. You may find it difficult to adjust if you’re used to using some of the best Google Maps features.

First, there is a dearth of route planning support. The UI has a Directions button that you can use to find a route between two locations. Three options are presented to you, and they are simple to print.

However, it is not a navigation tool. Instead, there is a Navigate option in the maps app on mobile devices that launches the currently installed program—for example, Google Maps on Android.

The broad layer of interactivity found on other map services is also missing from the app. For instance, you cannot just drop a pin to designate a specific location or click any random place of interest to view information about it.

Additionally, the Look Around function—Apple Maps’ version of Street View—cannot be used.

Additionally, you won’t find any of the helpful extras like information on traffic or public transportation. You’ll need the specific Apple Maps software for iOS or macOS for this.

Is Google Maps Superior to Apple Maps?

You can easily access Apple Maps online with DuckDuckGo. And unlike other systems that have previously provided the same functionality, this one is authorized. It won’t just vanish overnight without any prior notice.

Now that the platform restrictions have been lifted, using Apple Maps is completely unhindered.

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