How to Show IP Address of Visitor in WordPress with Shortcode with functions.php

Do you want to allow WordPress show a visitor’s IP address?

It is helpful to provide users with the precise IP address they must use if they need to know their IP address in order to configure one of your products or finish your tutorial. I will use for my contact form to block spammers.

We’ll demonstrate how to display a user’s IP address on your WordPress website in this article.

Why show a user’s IP address in WordPress?

A series of numbers and periods called an IP (Internet Protocol) address is used to identify physical components on a network. This implies that the visitor’s IP address just indicates the computer, smartphone, or tablet that they are using to connect to the internet.

There are a variety of situations in which users would need to know their IP address. For instance, occasionally users will be prompted to enter their own IP address while configuring software, especially WordPress security plugins like firewalls.

If you sell this kind of software, displaying the user’s specific IP address in your online instructions will aid in the installation of the software for your consumers.

Many WordPress bloggers give helpful tutorials on how to use third-party software, even if you don’t sell the program yourself. When writing a lesson that requires the reader to enter their IP address, providing the precise IP address that should be used can greatly improve the tutorial.

Several techniques to display the user’s IP address on your WordPress website are covered in this piece.

How to Use Code in WordPress to Display a User’s IP Address

By including a small amount of code to your WordPress blog or website, you can also display a user’s IP address. You can use this code to build a special shortcode and place it anywhere on your website.

Copying and pasting some code into your website will take care of this. However, it’s wise to always make a backup before making alterations to the website’s source code.

You can view our professional pick of the top WordPress backup plugins if you are not already backing up your WordPress website.

Open the functions.php file for your theme, make a site-specific plugin, or utilize a code snippets plugin to display the user’s IP address.

Regardless of your preference, you can just paste the following code:

Usage: [show_ip]

Once you’ve finished, save your code snippet, activate your site-specific plugin, or save the modifications you’ve made to your site’s functions.php file.

Your [show_ip] shortcode is now ready for usage, allowing you to display the visitor’s IP address on any page, post, or widget-ready area.

Check out our beginner’s guide to adding a shortcode in WordPress for a step-by-step explanation on where to place the shortcode.

We sincerely hope that this post has shown you how to show a user’s IP address on your WordPress website. You might also want to read our guides on the best live chat software for small businesses and how to enable user registration on your WordPress website.

Alternative Code:

There are countless tools available online that can be used to discover a visitor’s actual IP address. Here is a function that we find to be useful. The function looks through the environment’s variables, checks a potential IP address against PHP5’s filter_var() function, and then returns the result. It’s simple to spoof, much like all IP-based (or HTTP header) tools. But for the vast majority of uses, it does the job well.

Using a WordPress shortcode, display a user’s IP address: For illustration purposes, this is how you would use a very basic shortcode to display a visitor’s IP address in a WordPress post or page. If you have a sensible custom functions plugin installed, or the functions.php file for your theme, copy and paste the WordPress function there.

Downloading the WordPress plugin is optional. Use [getip] to see a user’s IP address.

Usage: [getip]

The [getip] shortcode would yield

If you wanted to improve the function, you could offer users geo-specific services, include maps, use custom geographically targeted titles, render custom advertising, show a geographic user plot, or provide geographically relevant content (like local weather), all of which we’ll be sharing in the future (it’s the reason we’re sharing this straightforward function).

Alternative as Plugin:

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