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How to setup NextDNS DNS-Over-QUIC Windows 11 as NSSM Service to automatically start with dnsproxy by AdguardTeam on Github?
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NextDNS DNS-Over-QUIC on Windows as Service with NSSM (dnsproxy by AdguardTeam)

Firstly download dnsproxy from Github

Before adding this as service, test it on windows terminal.

Extract dnsproxy to some folder. Open terminal on that folder by right clicking.

NextDNS quic (medium converts double hyphen to dash, careful if u copy paste):

dnsproxy -u quic://[YOUR-USER-ID] -b --edns

or u can use adguard quic dns too:

dnsproxy -u quic://

go to windows network&internet settings, set your dns as your machine ip on the router like (check yourself)


As a result, you should be able to access the Internet with DNS over QUIC.

check on and you will see “protocol”: “DOQ”,


Install as a service:

download nssm:

extract to some folder. Open terminal on that folder by right clicking.

write “nssm install dnsproxy” on terminal (or use any name)

select dnsproxy.exe on the gui.

write these parameters (or your desired ones, i use mine) if u prefer nextdns quic (also you need to write bootstrap dns server with -b and :8853 port):

  • -u quic://[YOUR-USER-ID] -b

or if u prefer adguard quic dns:

  • -u quic://

Click install service and done. Don’t forget starting from services. It’ll run on every windows start.


This was a simple guide for me and who have trouble setting DNS-over-QUIC on Windows 11.

I didn’t examine dnsproxy to understand how adguard quic dns didn’t need wrote port and bootstrapdns. Maybe AdguardTeam added behind of dnsproxy. Also as a note: NextDNS QUIC only listens port 8853. AdGuard QUIC listens both port 784 and 8853.

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